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Check-In Responsibilities:

  1. Be there 15 minutes before the session begins.

  2. Obtain a locker room for the skaters. Put a sign on the locker room door and direct skaters to put skates on in the locker room.

  3. Obtain the “club cart” from the storage bin located by the Zamboni entrance on the West Rink and put the cart at the skaters’ entrance to the ice, NOT in the lobby.

  4. Sign your name at the bottom of the check-in sheet. If you do not sign it you will be counted as absent.

  5. We do not always have people checking in for MIF sessions. If you are doing check-in for the freestyle session before or after a MIF session take some time to help out with the check-in process for the MIF session.

  6. All guest coaches must be registered by the ice monitor on the Guest Coach Check-in Sheet located in the club binder. The first time a guest coach coaches at the EICFSC he/she needs to present their USFS card. The ice monitor should verify their name and expiration date and log the coach’s name and USFS number on the check-in sheet. More detailed information regarding Guest Coaches can be found in the club binder and on the web site.

  7. Check each skater in before they get on the ice:
    • Check with any buy-on skater or parent to make sure the skater has passed the appropriate test to skate on that level of ice.

    • If a contract skater knows they will be late for a session, they may ask that their spot be held by notifying the monitor in advance – no holds may be placed after the session has begun.

    • Buy-ons will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis. Skaters may not buy-on in advance by writing their name in the book prior to an ice session. Skaters need to be in the rink in order to buy onto ice sessions.

    • Any non-EICFSC member wishing to “buy-on” must identify their home club or provide their USFS number. Note this information on the check-in sheet as only USFS skaters are allowed on Club ice. Collect a check from these buy-ons prior to the session made out to EICFSC.

      • If a contracted skater without a late or hold notice does not check in within the first 10 minutes of their session, their spot may be sold to a buy-on skater.
        Note: Spots with a late or hold notice should NOT be sold to buy-on skaters.

    • If selling a buy-on spot during the first ten minutes of a full ice session, notify the buy-on skater in advance of getting on the ice that if the contracted skater shows up within 10 minutes of the session’s start time they will be asked to leave the ice and their check refunded.

    • If the buy-on skater is a home or associate club member of EICFSC list their name under the buy-on portion of the check-in sheet. Also write in the amount that they should be billed.

    • If a non-club member buys onto our ice, put their check in the check-holder box that is attached to the club cart.

  8. At the end of the session, put sashes and locker room sign back on the cart and return cart to the storage area.

Ice Monitor and Music Responsibilities

  1. Monitor skater’s behavior and enforce on-ice rules.

  2. During each ice session, play music according to the following music playing policy:

    • Music will be played in the order in which it is requested, except that skaters in a lesson have priority

    • Ensure that a skater(s) doing their program wears the sash, but only the skater doing

    • A skater in a lesson will only be given priority twice

    • Only two “coach bumps” in a row are allowed, then one skater from the queue will go

    • Skaters requesting their music a second time will be accommodated after all skaters in line have had their music played at least once

    • Skaters who wish to play more than one program are treated the same as a skater requesting the same program again

    • No music should be played during “moves in the field” time

  3. Only ice monitors are allowed on the side of the arena where music is being played.

For more complete information, please see these attached documents:

Ice Monitor FAQ
Ice Monitor Responsibilities
RinkMusic Monitor

Ice Monitoring Training Requirements

  • Ice Monitors must be 18 years of age or older

  • Prior to monitoring, all Ice Monitors must be trained by either a Board member or during a Club sponsored training event. Training is typically done by shadowing a Board member during a contract ice session.

  • If a parent or guardian of a Home Club Member (or the Skater if 18) have not been trained, the skaters contract must reflect the Ice Monitor buy out fee.
Please refer to rink music documentation:

How to Become a Rink Member

How to upload music

How to add a Rink

How to become a Rink Music Coach