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The EICFSC has a rewards program for those of you that sign up to ice monitor for more than your required number of times each contract session.

There will be an ice monitoring deadline listed on each contract. Shortly after this deadline, an email will be sent announcing that those that want to sign up for additional sessions may now do so. No one may sign up for any extra sessions before the e-mail is sent.

Every session you sign up for, even the extra ones, are now your responsibility to attend or swap. There is no difference between the sessions you signed up for before the deadline and the extra sessions you signed up for after the deadline. You are allowed to try and give your extra sessions away if you decide you do not want them, but if your name is listed in the Volunteering Opportunity Slot and you do not show up, you will pay the consequences. If you miss one monitoring session you will be charged 50 percent of the full buy-out fee for that contract. If you miss more than one monitoring session, (including the extra sessions you signed up for), you will be charged the full buy out fee for that contract. When you sign up for extra sessions make sure you are committed to them as they are now part of your required ice monitoring sessions! You can’t delete these extra sessions after you sign up. You are allowed to trade these sessions with another skater OR take another open session in exchange for the session you can’t attend.

At the end of each contract the person in charge of ice monitoring for the club will tally up how many ice monitoring sessions each home club skater’s trained adult representative showed up for, according to the sign-up genius program. (The ice monitor MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD). For every session that you monitor, beyond the required number, you will receive a credit for your skater to attend any EICFSC ice session that is not full. This credit will not expire.

The goal of the Rewards Program is to have every ice monitor opening filled for every contract. It is going to be very important that if you do not want to pay the buy-out fee that you get signed up before the deadline. After the deadline there may not be enough spots left for you to fill your monitoring requirement, and you will be billed the buy-out fee.